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rocktoberfestThe most anticipated rock music event of the year #Rocktoberfest is only a few weeks away, and the organizers, RocknationNG have just rolled out the list of performers, boasting the likes of Clay and Rooftop MCs headlining the bill. (more…)


clay 4


If you are a fan of rock music in Nigeria and at this time you still do not know Clay, then, it’s time to format your media card. Bianca Adanna Okorocha (Clay), fondly called the queen of Naija rock, has made couple of hit songs that have remained fixed on the playlist of Naija rock fans and good music lovers in general. In this interview with Charles Kaka of NSOR, Clay spoke on her music, the Naija rock scene, and other issues.  (more…)


“Break Up And Love Again

(feat. D.A)


Breakup and love again, and love will find you
Don’t be scared to love again and love will find you

I know he lied he broke your heart, true love will find you

Breakup, love again and love will find you  (more…)

xtsam”ROCK ONLY with XTSamurai” is just a few weeks away and will feature Richee Rawk, 1 Last Autograph, Clay, Living For Life, Viva, Nathmac and Uchman sharing the stage only at JAZZVILLE/PRAISEVILLE in Lagos.

In the run up to ROCK ONLY we briefly spoke with John Igbinovia better known by his stage name XTsamurai, about the upcoming event, and the things to expect. (more…)

richeeRichee Rawk is gradually making a mark in the Nigerian
rock music scene. Having released a hit single early this
year, the Caleb university undergraduate is setting the
pace and caving a niche for himself. In this interview with Charles Kaka of NSOR, Richee talks about his career, dreams, the Nigeria rock scene, and so much more.  (more…)

richee rawk's coverRichee Rawk has finally dropped the second single “Break up and love again” from his upcoming EP “Demigod Of Rock”.

Richee Rawk is reaching out (more…)

The admins of NSOR have revealed their personal Top 3 Naija rock songs of the year. Whose list do you agree with the most? Tell us in the comment box below.  (more…)