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TRR Suffice it to say The RisingRain’s giving their fans what they want, new music! The band released an acoustic version of their song, “Redemption” after releasing the single last year (November 4) for fans to enjoy. (more…)




All I’ve done It’s all for you

A price I had to pay

You came across and left a spark

And now I am not the same

Crossing all the lines,

 I knew I drew for me

Leave it all behind for my new destiny  (more…)

TRREnugu based Rock band, The Rising Rain ((occasionally shortened to TRR)) have landed a new single ”Redemption” from their upcoming E.P titled ”The New Beginning”.  (more…)

TRRFew weeks after premiering ”Redemption”, the debut single from their upcoming EP ”The New Beginning”. TRR have unveiled the artwork for their next single, ”God Complex” ([which can be seen above]).  (more…)