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IMG_00921 Last Autograph have announced the release of their long-getstating new song.  (more…)

1laIt’s finally here…there’s been a non-stop update on 1LA’s new song and how glad we are that it’s finally here.  (more…)


“All or nothing”

Verse 1:
Shey na dem dey talk sey we no fit,
Dem dey see but no believe,
Like play like play we go clear their doubt,
And e go be like film trick.
Abi dem think sey we go lock up,
And just let them call the shots,
Hey guess what I’ve got news for you,
I’m not the one who’s loosing  (more…)

The admins of NSOR have revealed their personal Top 3 Naija rock songs of the year. Whose list do you agree with the most? Tell us in the comment box below.  (more…)