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Nigeria, post-hardcore’s headmasters 1 Last Autograph have revealed the identity of their new drummer.

d drums 1 last autograph drummerThe band shared the news on their Facebook page on Thursday with the following message: (more…)

This year hasn’t just been a great year for Rock music in Nigeria and Nigerian rock music. It has been an amazing year for it. From the big sounds of hard rock, pop rock, alternative rock to indie rock, post hardcore – and all other variations the genre has to offer.

The Admins of NSoR (writers and editors) have revealed their personal Top Five Songs Of 2015.

Whose list do you agree with? Tell us in the comment box below. (more…)



Verse 1:

Archives of regrets
I break at the memos
Of days I was weak
I want ’em buried
Seeking comfort in pen and paper
My tears, my only embrace (more…)


“With Open Arms”

Verse 1:

She’s making her last journal entry
and her tear drops are soaking up the pages
Outside the sun’s sinking slowly
And she’s pretending not to notice
These walls cannot offer her safety
This roof cannot hide her from misery
And all her defenses are falling
And all that she has now are (more…)


“See Ehn”


Its so easy for you to stand there and judge me
You dug up the bones of a past that’s so ugly
I stand at the gates of ..the worst that could happen
I’m no longer running from what I’m becoming (more…)

sickle cell amnesia cover art

You may have heard their track All Or Nothing on the radio over the past few months – and now Lagos hard and loud band 1 Last Autograph have released their debut high energy EP. (more…)

1lasIf you’ve been spending as much time on the internet as we have, you’ll know that Lagos based post-hardcore band 1 Last Autograph have an EP Sickle Cell Amnesia peeking it’s head around the curtain, and we couldn’t be more excited – so here’s a rundown of everything we know about it so far. (more…)