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the isomers at Rocktoberfest

Hailing from Abuja and described by many as “a perfect hybrid of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers” The Isomers formed in 2012.

The band have stealthily become one of Naija’s finest indie rock acts following the release of their self titled debut EP ‘The Isomers’. (more…)


Recently releasing the hit song “Ebube” off of their soon to be released album. Rockaholic of NSOR decided to find out more about this trending Christian rock band, Footprint 5.

This sweet group of guys are rocking their way into the hearts across Nigeria. George Igado (George Rock), Kenneth Igado (Kenny g), Clement Ehizokhale (EC Drums) and Excellent Christopher (Ebaze) are the current band members. So we wanted to learn more about this Benin based band, to include their music, inspiration, life, album, plans and all.

Pleasantly, the keyboardist agreed to an interview, you can read our conversation below. (more…)


We’ve heard Esekie Samuel, Ndanusa Judah and OluwaChike Jaywalker share their thoughts and experiences. But now, we get to hear from Mario’s replacement, drummer Raymond ”Raystickz” Mba. (more…)

1 Last Autograph (sometimes shortened to 1LA) is a Nigerian rock band from Lagos. They’re fondly remembered by Nigerian rock fans for their contributions towards bringing post hardcore cocktailed with a little bit of punk to public domain, in the Nigerian Afro pop and alternative rock possessed music industry. (more…)


clay 4


If you are a fan of rock music in Nigeria and at this time you still do not know Clay, then, it’s time to format your media card. Bianca Adanna Okorocha (Clay), fondly called the queen of Naija rock, has made couple of hit songs that have remained fixed on the playlist of Naija rock fans and good music lovers in general. In this interview with Charles Kaka of NSOR, Clay spoke on her music, the Naija rock scene, and other issues.  (more…)

xtsam”ROCK ONLY with XTSamurai” is just a few weeks away and will feature Richee Rawk, 1 Last Autograph, Clay, Living For Life, Viva, Nathmac and Uchman sharing the stage only at JAZZVILLE/PRAISEVILLE in Lagos.

In the run up to ROCK ONLY we briefly spoke with John Igbinovia better known by his stage name XTsamurai, about the upcoming event, and the things to expect. (more…)

richeeRichee Rawk is gradually making a mark in the Nigerian
rock music scene. Having released a hit single early this
year, the Caleb university undergraduate is setting the
pace and caving a niche for himself. In this interview with Charles Kaka of NSOR, Richee talks about his career, dreams, the Nigeria rock scene, and so much more.  (more…)