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It’s almost here.

FP5 Searching for dimming light

If you’re a Footprint 5 fan, you’ll definitely know by now that a new album is on the way. In anticipation of the hugely exciting project, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know… (more…)

This year hasn’t just been a great year for Rock music in Nigeria and Nigerian rock music. It has been an amazing year for it. From the big sounds of hard rock, pop rock, alternative rock to indie rock, post hardcore – and all other variations the genre has to offer.

The Admins of NSoR (writers and editors) have revealed their personal Top Five Songs Of 2015.

Whose list do you agree with? Tell us in the comment box below. (more…)

1lasIf you’ve been spending as much time on the internet as we have, you’ll know that Lagos based post-hardcore band 1 Last Autograph have an EP Sickle Cell Amnesia peeking it’s head around the curtain, and we couldn’t be more excited – so here’s a rundown of everything we know about it so far. (more…)

On Saturday 24th October 2015, the Nigerian Rock community made history by having a well attended and successful first ever rock festival tagged #Rocktoberfest at Freedom Park, Lagos Island, and so many note worthy, awesome – tastically awesome things went down. Here are a few lessons we learnt along the way. (more…)

Rocktober NSor

Well, we are less than 2 days away from the big rock event that is #Rocktoberfest, happening this Saturday, 24th October 2015! As preparations are wrapping up we decided to pick ten tracks that we’re most looking forward to hearing on the Saturday (although we can’t be held responsible if the artistes choose not to play them). (more…)

Rocktober NSor



With the first ever rock festival in Nigeria, Rocktoberfest coming up, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of what you should expect at the Rock exhibition. (more…)

nsor photo collage

For certainties on the subject of having fun, cover songs have it easy. Visit any bar or wedding or event centres on those weekend bashes and you will testify to this opinion. Throughout the history of modern popular music, there have been cover songs that have dared to dream beyond the boundaries of the original version that inspired it. (more…)

Ever wonder how some of your favourite Naija rock bands/artistes got their names? Well, we do, and we are here to provide that back story. (more…)


Do you have a band and can’t decide on a name? Well, you’re in luck ’cause we’ve thought up a bunch of GREAT BAND NAMES just for you. If you happen to use any of these names for your band (be it a poster or album cover) we’ll link to your band’s website and facebook page and recommend your songs for all to download and listen. (more…)

Naija rock band tipped                                        Naija Rock Bands: Tipped for 2015

2014 was an exciting year for rock music in Nigeria (don’t worry we caught the excitement if you missed anything). Now that it’s 2015 it seems appropriate to attempt to look into the Naija School Of Rock crystal ball and identify 12 Naija rock bands/artistes we think and hope will make it in 2015.

Our choices of course range from those who are at the point of success already, to those who only have a handful of great tracks to their name. (more…)