Posted: March 28, 2016 in Music
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Lagos 4 piece Plus 234 – fronted by the raspy singing voice of Kiether Michael – have been perfecting their own brand of Afro/alternative rock for the past year. They achieved something of a buzz with the release of their single, Keep Pushing Me, last year.

Today the band have unleashed a new track titled, Stranger. Grab the song here and get to know the band’s concoction of slow afro/alternative rock song. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Stranger features Celeste. Yes, Celeste – that sweet lady who can easily fill the void Dolores O’Riordan left in The Cranberries. We saw her appear at RocknationNG’s #Rocktoberfest 2015.

See what the band have to say about the new track below:

“Stranger is a song about upliftment. How help comes from the people you least expect anything from. When friends, family, etc have let you down and there’s no one to turn to, then this Stranger comes in to rescue you. Somehow, someone always watches over you. The song is very calm on the nerves and teases you along. It is a slow rock song with specially added twist by bringing in Celeste with her killer vocals cutting through the other voice giving you some of that Yoruba spice. It starts with humble acoustic guitar beginnings, adds some bass and strings and takes it’s time to build up an almost deafening crescendo and then dies out. Definitely bound to uplift your spirit. You’ll enjoy it!!” ~ Mike, Tobi, John and Ay

stranger plus234

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