The Isomers Announce Second EP & Launch Date

Posted: February 9, 2016 in News

IMG-20160209-WA0001Abuja based indie rock unit The Isomers are gearing up to release their pulsing second EP, The Valentine EP at Classic rock cafe in Abuja.

Following the release of their debut EP early in 2015, the band have been back in the studio recording the second EP and are keen to get it out.

This Saturday (February 13th), The Isomers will release their second EP, The Valentine EP with a hometown show at Classic rock cafe in Abuja.

Recorded and produced by band member Monlee at his in-house studio in Abuja, The Valentine EP reflects on the emotional experiences of The Isomers as a whole.

“The Valentine EP chronicles the journey through the different stages of emotional connection,” said vocalist Seun Daniel. “What makes this EP special is that each band member narrates a specific stage, so our fans get to see through our eyes. We built on everyone’s collective experience with love, It made the EP very personal and honest”

The boys will be supported at the show by Zainab Sule, Eve Urrah, Jessica Bongos, Cef, Bem Sar, Ezra, Blessing Tangban, T- Soul, AYDA, Bash, Tayo, Sammy and Sara Sax.

“They’re all great artistes from the area doing great stuff for themselves, just like we are,” Seun said. “This is our hometown venue so we wanted other hometown bands that we’re friends with to showcase their talents”

Tickets for Saturday night’s festivities are #1,500 and can be purchased at Classic rock cafe or at the door on the day of the show.

The Isomers will have physical copies of The Valentine EP available for purchase on Saturday, but the EP can also be bought on iTunes.

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