Naija School Of Rock Admins Top 5 Naija Rock Songs Of The Year (2015)

Posted: December 30, 2015 in Countdown
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This year hasn’t just been a great year for Rock music in Nigeria and Nigerian rock music. It has been an amazing year for it. From the big sounds of hard rock, pop rock, alternative rock to indie rock, post hardcore – and all other variations the genre has to offer.

The Admins of NSoR (writers and editors) have revealed their personal Top Five Songs Of 2015.

Whose list do you agree with? Tell us in the comment box below.

NSoR Admins Top 5 Songs Of The Year…

5. Uchman – Ese (Your Love Is Enough)
4. Footprint 5 – Ebube
3. Clay ft. Mak 4 – Potatoes
2. The Isomers – Magnificent

1. 1 Last Autograph – See Ehn
“Here’s one song that has been ruling our playlists lately, and for great reasons. Very strong chorus that makes you want to pump your fist in the air. Guitar work is solid, brilliant growls and brilliant vocalist. Judah and Jaywalker are one of the best things to happen to us this year. The emotion of the song really sets it apart. Strong feeling to it. This group has a bright future ahead of them.”

5. Phrance – Champion
4. Clay ft. Mak 4 – Potatoes
3. The Isomers – Bleed Away
2. 1 Last Autograph – Victim

1. Nath Mac – Shine
“The perfect song that can change an equatorial weather condition into a temperate forecast, Shine has a blend of space rock and alternative to the sound – making the mix and grill taste (sounds) like Angels And Airwaves. This is a song that gives you a great day and winds your time – any day, any time. I believe the youngman has a great future in the business with continuous sound quality production as this.”

5. Komos – Joli
4. The Isomers – Pretty Flowers
3. 1 Last Autograph – Victim
2. Clones – E Don Do Me (Sixfoot Plus cover)

1. XTsamurai – A Mighty Army
“A dramatic song full of poetic beauty. XTsamurai’s parables is actually a prophecy. I think I’m going to enlist in this mighty army rising. The reggae feel on that song is the icing on this very one.”

5. Plus234 – Keep Pushing Me
4. Nath Mac – When The Lights Go Out
3. Footprint 5 – Ebube
2. The Isomers – Bleed Away

1. 1 Last Autograph – See Ehn
“My reaction when I first heard this song was, ‘Okay, this is a post hardcore song?’, and then suddenly its all like this, ‘du-du-dunn-dunn-gbim-gbim’, with these crushing guitars, thick load of roaring and growling and blasting drums and I’m like, ‘BIKO, WHAT’S HAPPENING?!!!’ Then suddenly there’s these vocals that dove into the chorus about, like “See Ehn” and I’m like, ‘Argh, there are so many people I want to scream this chorus to’. The energy in this song is real. Every line is powerful and fires me up.”

5. The Isomers – Magnificent
4. Richee Rawk – Breakup And Love Again
3. Clay – Potatoes
2. Sam Chris – I Miss You

1. 1 Last. Autograph – Victim
“I’m listening to this song while I write this and I just want to say that this perfectly captures 1 Last Autograph’s unique style of music. It’s catchy, amazing vocals and growls, and a great breakdown. This song is absolutely perfect in every single way.”

5. Nath Mac – Shine
4. Clay ft Mak 4 – Potatoes
3. Footprint 5 – Ebube
2. XTsamurai – A Mighty Army

1. 1 Last Autograph – See Ehn
“These guys released a killer debut EP. From their single ‘All Or Nothing’ (which was released last year) to ‘Victim’, ‘With Open Arms’ and my utmost favourite ‘See Ehn’, this EP had so much to offer. Sickle Cell Amnesia truly stands out as a statement of the band’s direction. They have a post hardcore meets punk feel but this song is much more heavier, in a country where most bands mellow out. The screams/growls are on point. Amazing song. Pure lyrical and vocal talent. Check it out if you don’t believe me”

Aloysius Iyke (Contributing Writer)
5. The Isomers – Home
4. Nath Mac – When The Lights Go Out
3. XTsamurai – A Mighty Army
2. 1 Last Autograph – Victim

1. Footprint – Ebube
“For me, the entire production and mastering of this song is just way out of its league which is something I think is missing in some Nigerian rock songs produced so far (Quality production, mixing and mastering) because it takes a whole lot of work to deliver a quality combo of analogue and digital production. The piano riff is simply classical and soothing as well as the lyrics which was spot on and delivered with every bit of simplicity. I can keep going on with the review till after my fingers get sore. That’s how good I think this song is.

Mercy Onyegbuna (Contributing Writer)
5. Footprint 5 – Ebube
4. 1 Last Autograph – Yes/No (Banky W cover)
3. Clay – Potatoes
2. XTsamurai – A Mighty Army

1. Clay – Godwin (Korede Bello cover)
“Godwin was a huge hit, but while we thought nothing could sound as great as the original, Clay dropped the mesmerizing ‘Godwin cover’. This rock version fused with the trending traditional 6/8 dance beat, in other words Afro pop enjoyed massive airplay across the country. From one of the finest female vocalists and a superb production came a creation closest to heaven, leaving a lasting mark on the hearts of fans and listeners all over the world.”

Deborah Glover (Contributing Writer)
5. XTsamurai – A Mighty Army
4. 1 Last Autograph – Yes/No (Banky W cover)
3. Footprint 5 – Ebube
2. Clay – Potatoes

1. Nath Mac – Shine
“NathMac has a captivating voice. Then the lyrics talks about my struggle to survive, telling me I’ll make it, inspite of all those things that “steal my smile.” The lyrics makes it #1 for me.”

  1. OceanBlue wins it for me. Would have really loved to see The Isomer’s Oya. It’s a great list from all. You guys rock \m/.

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