Threadstone Nominated For International Award

Posted: December 5, 2015 in News
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threadstone new foto

Congratulations are in order for Threadstone. It isn’t surprising that the band have clinched a nomination at this year’s GMA (Global Metal Apocalypse) Awards.The prestigious annual awards is an online ceremony that honours the work of Rock bands across the globe, and our very own Threadstone have been nominated in the Breakthrough African Band category.

Threadstone bassist/keyboardist Charles Udeh Fisty made the exciting announcement on his personal facebook account today. He has asked fans to rally behind them by voting.

The band will be contending for Breakthrough African Band title with other big names like Skintflint (Botswana), Iron Sliver (Gabon), Dark Delirium (Morocco), Before Crush (Angola), Dark’Inside (Madagascar), Jano (Ethiopia), Moutcho (Burundi), Arka’n (Togo) and Sosthene (Burkina Faso).

Let’s show our support for the band by voting here. We have until December 29, 2015 to get our votes in. The winner will be announced on December 30. We’d love to see Threadstone grab this one, so cast your vote now.

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