Here’s Everything You Need To Know About 1 Last Autograph’s Debut EP

Posted: November 21, 2015 in Countdown
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1lasIf you’ve been spending as much time on the internet as we have, you’ll know that Lagos based post-hardcore band 1 Last Autograph have an EP Sickle Cell Amnesia peeking it’s head around the curtain, and we couldn’t be more excited – so here’s a rundown of everything we know about it so far.

1. The Title

1 Last Autograph’s debut EP is called Sickle Cell Amnesia.

Sickle Cell Amnesia is a condition that wipes away all your past wrongdoings and mistakes and all self esteem issues by a moment of ecstasy,” OluwaChike Jaywalker tells Avida “It’s a term we coined ourselves”

2. The Release Date

It was originally set for November 19, but has been moved to November 27. It’s only just 6 days away.

3. The Artwork Looks Like This

sickle cell amnesia cover art









4. The Single

In case you hadn’t guessed yet, 1 Last Autograph have shared the first song from Sickle Cell Amnesia in the form of All Or Nothing. The song was written by OluwaChike Jaywalker. It’s an important song with a lesson fans can chew on.

5. The Songs

1LA have been writing songs for this EP for months, and they say it tells their story. There’s also friends and neighbours, so there’s a little they hold back when they are in their writing room.

In addition to the single, highlights include With Open Arms – a song written about Jaywalker’s real – life friend. See Ehn, a song penned by Jaywalker – the song is about people judging a person entirely on meaningless things. Victim is another sharp song. Jaywalker penned the song with Judah.

It was Qasebeatz who handled the mastering and production duties of Sickle Cell Amnesia. He is also the band’s bassist.

6. The EP Will Be Available For Free Download

1 Last Autograph will give away their debut EP for free download. What? You’re surprised?

“It’s our debut EP and we want to reach as many people as possible in the shortest space of time,” OluwaChike Jaywalker explains. “without worrying too much about returns from downloads. You have to make sacrifices sometimes”

7. The Tracklisting Looks Like This

1. All Or Nothing

2. With Open Arms

3. See Ehn

4. Victim

8. We are definitely stoked

We hope you’re all getting stoked, ’cause we definitely are.

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