11 Things We Learnt At #Rocktoberfest 2015

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Countdown
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On Saturday 24th October 2015, the Nigerian Rock community made history by having a well attended and successful first ever rock festival tagged #Rocktoberfest at Freedom Park, Lagos Island, and so many note worthy, awesome – tastically awesome things went down. Here are a few lessons we learnt along the way.

1Its absolutely okay to dress however you want at #Rocktoberfest, no-one really cares about fancy dress                                                                                                                                                                          

dress code

Which of course is a good thing, because that’s the way it should be. We saw just about every style in the crowd, and everyone got along just fine.

2. You can host a successful festival at Freedom Park


#Rocktoberfest is when you round up hundreds of rock fans in Nigeria and host them in Freedom Park. Aside from the drinking spots/stunning views, one of the best aspects of the Park is that the place is so laid back, refreshing and makes for a great atmosphere.

3. It is possible to organize a festival with black carpet/ signature collector


Yeah, seriously. Of all colours, a black carpet was under our feet. #Rocktoberfest attendees won’t go to the main ground without spreading their capes and hoods before flooding strikes of camera flashes. There was a huge background (don’t worry, white colour this time) habouring all partners and sponsors’ logos in a single spread, but just along the sponsors’ banner, another white banner was placed beside it for a service – signature collector. It’s job is to collect signatures or signages of festival attendees who graced the event.

4. Nath Mac is pure class. Fact!

nath mac

There’s some magnetic force that shifts your attention to Nath Mac when he’s on stage. Maybe its his hats, maybe its the way he plays his guitar, maybe its the fact that he is just so strong vocally live, maybe its just the fact that ladies really love him and talk about him more often, whatever it is, we felt like he was the centre of the festival.

5. Some cover songs were brilliant


Celeste hopped up early in the afternoon for a crystal clean cover of The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’. Not long after Footprint 5 appeared for a sweet performance of News Boys’ ‘God’s Not Dead’. Later, XTsamurai came and delivered one of the best performances of the night with the cover of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Much more later, D’Adshas decided to treat the crowd to a cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’ – The bounding energy brought by this band was the most arresting of the night.

Soon, it was time for Harmony Shades to grace the stage with the cover of U2’s ‘In The Name Of Love’. Clay shone brightly with her sharp cover of P!nk’s ‘Raise Your Glass’. The Isomer‘s cover of Mumford & Sons’ ‘Blank White Page’ was watertight.

6. Rock Register is here

RockRegister small

The followership of rock music in Nigeria is very, very, very large and we are not exaggerating. In an attempt to keep record of all the rock fans in Nigeria, rock entities like Rockstreamng have taken a more realistic approach by creating a Rock Register. This means the process of bringing any international rock act to Nigeria is vastly simplified, as is getting corporate sponsors for any rock event. Follow this link to register.

7. The acts were massive and didn’t disappoint


From the likes of XTsamurai, Nath Mac, Clay and Komos, Footprint 5, The Isomers, Plus 234, Dannas and so on, there was always someone to see. It was a riot of pure rock energy from the very first to the very last act.

8. Girl band won the night


One of the hidden gems of the festival were D’Adshas. An EPIC female led band, playing up to all the cameras at every opportunity. A definite crowd pleaser for sure, their cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’ was amazing and a pleasure to hear. It reminded us of what Tina Turner and Melissa Etheridge could bring to the stage if allowed on the night. One of their original tunes also had the crowd jumping and singing along.

9. It was crowded, but fun crowded


The venue at #Rocktoberfest maintain a sweet spot for capacity. It was crowded enough to feel like you’re part of something, but not so crowded that if you go grab a drink, you fear you’ll never make it back up front to catch that one band you really want to see.

10. World class sound quality


Big props to whoever rigged up the #Rocktoberfest’s sound systems – you guys got it way, way right (you also got it way, way loud).

11. Did we mention that the music and the bands are accessible?


There were no barriers between fans and bands at #Rocktoberfest. In fact, the closer the two are together, the more fun the experience. Go crazy! Tell the lead singer about your story of when you first heard their songs and instantly feel connected to the band. Or tell them how you want to cry every time you hear their songs. Whatever, it’s a music festival for the fans. There were a lot of bands to see at #Rocktoberfest, but we wish we had seen more of the great bands on the lineup.


So that was #Rocktoberfest 2015. Fun times. It’s the festival for every lover of rock music, except it could have been helpful if the ground had no space and all the invited bands present. We know more crowd will turn up next year. All in all, it was memorable. Naija School Of Rock was a partner and we are happy to share in it’s success.

Photos used are from RocknationNG. For loads of more highlights from #Rocktoberfest you can watch this video.

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