The Isomers’ Absolute Playlist

Posted: October 29, 2015 in Interviews
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the isomers at Rocktoberfest

Hailing from Abuja and described by many as “a perfect hybrid of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers” The Isomers formed in 2012.

The band have stealthily become one of Naija’s finest indie rock acts following the release of their self titled debut EP ‘The Isomers’.

While at #Rocktoberfest 2015 we caught up with the band’s frontman, Seun Daniel, to go through his Absolute Playlist, which includes several songs you won’t necessarily expect. Read on and find out his choices.

Favourite song from my childhood

Kiss From A Rose by Seal was the sound track for 1995 Batman Forever and seriously who doesn’t like Batman? I will always remember watching that movie growing up. It was a great movie but the song made a huge impression on me”.

Favourite sad song

Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit. This song is amazing, the guitar was just fantastic. It’s actually one of the reasons I started doing music”

Favourite lyrics from a song

“I could probably pick a handful of my favourite lyrics from a song, but this is an Ed Sheeran song called I See Fire and the line from it is “And if we should die tonight then we should all die together”, because it makes me feel that even death isn’t so scary when you are standing with the people you love”.

Favourite current song

“Urhm, well, there’s plenty of them but if i had to pick i’d pick two. One is a song by Adele, it’s called Hello – I’m currently hooked on this song..I mean, Adele sings beautifully well and I’m a fan of her writing style. The other song is Cheerleader by OMI…..badass song”.

Favourite wedding song

Oruka by Sunny Nneji. The song speaks for itself”

Favourite song from your own music

“I like a song called Bleed Away from our debut EP. I wrote the song and I like what I did with the lyrics”

Favourite movie soundtrack song

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran, that’s the soundtrack for one of The Hobbit movies. Desolation Of The Smaug I think. Its a great movie and that song got the perfect mix of sadness and epicness to fit with the film”

Favourite song that no one has heard of

“There’s this song. I heard the 1st few lines of the song on a Dstv commercial, instantly I grabbed a PC and googled the words till I found out it was Welcome Home by Radical Face. I don’t think a lot of people have heard that song. It’s a pretty awesome song”.

Favourite song you wish everybody knew

“I’ve always loved Bleed Away by The Isomers. I wish everyone knew the song. It’s our song and I think a lot of people can connect with it. It’s the kind of song you put on replay for hours plus there’s a very personal story behind it but that’s a gist for another day”.

The band is currently working on a Christmas song.

You can connect with The Isomers on facebook.

  1. “a blend of mumford and the lumineers?” Can’t wait to hear ’em sing. Finally, somone else knows Radical Face. \m/

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