10 Big Songs We Can’t Wait To Hear On Saturday At #Rocktoberfest

Posted: October 21, 2015 in Countdown
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Rocktober NSor

Well, we are less than 2 days away from the big rock event that is #Rocktoberfest, happening this Saturday, 24th October 2015! As preparations are wrapping up we decided to pick ten tracks that we’re most looking forward to hearing on the Saturday (although we can’t be held responsible if the artistes choose not to play them).

#10 Plus 234 – ‘Keep Pushing Me’

These rockers are gathering quite a lot of attention after the release of their debut single ‘Keep Pushing Me’. See for yourselves if their afro/alternative rock sound is worthy of their acclaim. This track may just be enough proof that they are.

#9 Rooftop MCs – ‘Shock Therapy’

Two words. ‘Shock Therapy’. That is what the people want and surely what they will get. This could well be our anthem for #Rocktoberfest 2015

#8 XTsamurai – ‘A Mighty Army’

This track appeals to our love for reggae with it’s fusion of rock. Things are bound to get deep when the Positive Rock Musician steps up the stage at #Rocktoberfest.

#7 Thirdlead – ‘Sweet Surrender’

We can’t wait to hear this song charging at us through the speakers at #Rocktoberfest. We’ve just one word for this song: Loud.

#6 Nath Mac – ‘Shine’

Co – founder and former 1 Last Autograph front – man Abraham Ebiama has been riding high with his new project Nath Mac and his debut album ‘The World Should Be A Blue City’. We constantly get a double dose of stress relief from listening to this track, or anything that Mr Nath Mac offers.

#5 The Isomers – ‘Bleed Away’

After recently opening for Zainab Sule‘s MIDNIGHT concert, Abuja’s alternative rock outfit, The Isomers will appear at #Rocktoberfest to prove that they are a band to be taken seriously. These guys have beautifully made songs in their arsenal, but we can’t get pass this track, ‘Bleed Away’. Simply sex for your ears.

#4 Footprint 5 – ‘Need’

A christian/rock 5 piece hailing from Benin city, Footprint 5 are looking to bare down heavily on the crowd at #Rocktoberfest. With the anticipation of a new album in the works, expect an incredible reaction when this track comes on.

#3 Phrance – ‘Champion’

Ups and downs, victories and losses, happiness and pain, hope and despair. Life probably provides more stumbling blocks than stepping stones. For this very reason, Phrance will have no problem performing this song in front of the crowd at #Rocktoberfest.

#2 Clay ft. Mak 4 – ‘Potatoes’

If we had to pick one, this is probably our favourite tune from Clay come #Rocktoberfest. We are basically going to be singing along with errhm, some potatoes in the air or something.

#1 Komos ft. Clay – ‘Still I Love’

This is the most recent track from Komos. The collaboration with Clay features an emotionally powerful vocals. This live performance will see the crowd getting in on action and singing along.

So there you have it, 10 songs that simply can’t be missed! What other great tracks do you think we might be hearing at #Rocktoberfest?

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