rocktoberfestThe most anticipated rock music event of the year #Rocktoberfest is only a few weeks away, and the organizers, RocknationNG have just rolled out the list of performers, boasting the likes of Clay and Rooftop MCs headlining the bill.

The festival, held on October 24th at Freedom Park, Lagos Island will feature over 20 rock bands – the first and largest festival yet.

RocknationNG’s Dammy Lawal said, “The whole concept of the festival is to showcase emerging rock acts, plus it’s a step to achieving our goals which includes making rock music mainstream in Nigeria”. He went on to say, “In recent years, we keep featuring same faces but this time we want to give everybody a “platform to shine”, that way, attendees will have the chance to check out some of the best talents and experience something beautiful . And so far we are loving it ’cause we keep discovering new acts”

Beyond the music, if you’re a fan of make up and body arts this event will not be a let down. There will also be a long list of people rolling into Freedom Park to walk the black carpet. Even vendors, games and more, there’s just something for everyone.

Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Behold, the 2015 #Rocktoberfest lineup:


• Harmony Shades

• DC

• Rock Eternal

• The Isomers

• Orange And The Critical Moses

• Footprint 5

• Nath Mac

• Rooftop MCs

• The RisingRain

• Clay

• Richee Rawk

• Clones

• Dannas

• Komos

• Maxxie

• Thirdlead

• Temmie

• XTsamurai

• Phrance

• D’Adshas

• Arum

Jesse McJessiey

Yeah, we know it’s insane. Tickets are available at any BheerHugz outlet near you or for #500.

What do you think of the lineup? Will we be seeing you at #Rocktoberfest this October?

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