9 Incredible Things To Expect At The 2015 #Rocktoberfest

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Countdown
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Rocktober NSor



With the first ever rock festival in Nigeria, Rocktoberfest coming up, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of what you should expect at the Rock exhibition.

The Nigerian rock scene has been growing tremendously each year with lots of rockheads checking out the activities. To keep an informed commandment on a rock floor, here’s a pretty broad painting of some of the things you might experience at RocknationNG‘s #Rocktoberfest. The list is by no means in any particular order.


As the music flows, so does the passion. Talking about your favourite rock bands or songs is a great way to start up a conversation and you will find yourself trading BB pins or phone numbers for sure. Ensure your smart phone is fully charged when you arrive.                                                                                                                            

new fri     Photo by Adanna


One of the best things about attending a music festival is getting to hear and see lots of amazing live music from well – known favourites and new comers. Expect high powered performances and complete stage occupation with bad guys and thick gears’ cables

Speaking of music, the Rocktoberfest 2015 lineup is coming soon, so stay tuned…. Get ready to be blown away by the names you know and explore the ones that are new to you.

the music                                                      Photo by Wole Phoenix of @RockstreamNG



This may seem like a restatement of #1, but it goes deeper than that. You remember how we were all taught not to talk to strangers? Throw that out the window. At Rocktoberfest, strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.

What makes meeting people at Rocktoberfest any different? For starters, most rockheads are in an open – hearted mindset, which makes it a lot easier to meet and connect with them. They will smile at you, look you in the eyes, and ask if you’d like a HUG. The everyday life barrier is much thinner here, so you’re bound to have Rocktoberfest adventures, with new friends you meet along the way.

DSC09783                                                         Photo by Wole Phoenix of @RockstreamNG



It’s 2015 and everyone’s on social media. You may see tons of selfies being taken, but you will definitely find a lot of Rockheads trying to get that perfect shot of their favourite bands or occupy their storage device with videos.

taking pictures                                                Photo by Wole Phoenix of @RockstreamNG


The crowd is always a good mix of people, so you will meet a lot of interesting folks, and strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. It’s a beautiful reunion where you can reconnect with old friends, connect with new ones, and experience the joy and sense of belonging that comes with being surrounded by like – minded individuals. For some, coming to Rocktoberfest is homecoming, maybe you’ll find yours here too…just maybe!

sossiq                                                        Photo by SossiQ



Actually this is ubiquitous in every recent Naija opens. There has been instances you find some Mark Tremoti-esque finger scalings on the fret board. They come as single or solo artistes but rarely in the same indigenous bands. But actually, they have their own bands, but wont come with them or they are not in town. In the same vein you find some solo guitarists who will sing your biography with the strings.


Tremonti                                                        Photo by Nedu @Rockazworld’s PMS


Rock music festival is one of the best places to find fashionable people and we can’t wait to see all of those stylish outfits Rocktoberfest attendees will put together.

DSC00011                                                   Photo by Wole Phoenix of @RockstreamNG


Get your groove on! There will be lots of beers and alcoholic drinks, but its not what you think…Rocktoberfest encourages sensible drinking and no, you can’t Bring Your Own Booze.

Any kind of drink                                                     Photo by Wole Phoenix of @RockstreamNG

In summary, we want everyone reading this to honour this first ever Naija rock music festival for the good of rock music in Nigeria. it’s an exhibition of our soaring talents and increasing experience in this business. Vices are discouraged and harmony is preached always. Good music assured and whichever way you desire to peacefully and humorously embarrass yourself, please still come along. The stage is open for ALL ROCK LOVERS who want to live forever in rock entertainment – attend and make a memory.

To find out more, connect with RocknationNG on Facebook 

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