Upload A Video Of Yourself Covering A Popular Rock Song For #Rocktoberfest

Posted: September 13, 2015 in Events
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rocktoberFor the first time, our friends at RocknationNG are organising an online competition where the winner will share the same stage with their favourite Naija rock bands/artistes including: a free studio session + there’s a lot more prizes to be won. If you like winning prizes, then this competition is for you..

To enter, simply upload a video of yourself on Facebook covering a popular rock song with the #Rocktoberfest hashtag…also tag RocknationNG to the video. It could be you dazzling us with your great guitar skills, miming into your hairbrush, playing the drums or any other great ideas you may have!

The videos should be uploaded on Facebook from Thursday (October 1) through October 14.

On October 15, fans will be given the chance to vote on which video ROCKS best. The video with the highest Votes/Likes on October 16 is the winner. It’s as simple as that! The winning video will air during the festival.

So if you know anyone who might be interested, quickly inform them. We look forward to having a great time and doing something fun and interesting together with everyone at the #ROCKTOBERFEST…and please share and repost this and let’s get as many interested Rockheads involved as we can! Rock on \m/

Connect with RocknationNG on facebook.

  1. Ola says:

    Why not YouTube instead? Why not YouTube?

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