The 9 Terrific Cover Songs By Nigerian Rock Bands/Artistes To HIT Up Your Ears

Posted: September 3, 2015 in Countdown
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For certainties on the subject of having fun, cover songs have it easy. Visit any bar or wedding or event centres on those weekend bashes and you will testify to this opinion. Throughout the history of modern popular music, there have been cover songs that have dared to dream beyond the boundaries of the original version that inspired it. Some are better than the first take, some compliment and respect it perfectly, while others often have such a unique, bizarre, or completely different twist on the source material that becomes something completely new and wonderful. The best is when you come across a cover to a song you love to hate and the new version of it makes you secretly love it forever. I’m looking at you Wiz Kid’s “I luv my baby”.

However, Nigeria’s ever growing Rock planet is expanding and the best hook, line and sinker is sling deep into the ocean of popular rock hits in their uncountable. At best, the instrumental is the bedrock. Regardless, the inspiration or original that make our Nigerian Bands make and lay their career beds with, here are NINE good exhibitions now recorded and streaming covers with good radiance..

No 1. When this song dropped, it was epic – so epic it seemed like it was the only song played on radio stations for all of 2008. Threadstone made “Jailer” by Asa, now seven years old, feel brand new on this cover.

No 2. If you really want to be taken seriously as a singer there are certain songs you have to be able to sing at a whim. The 1980 hit single “Super Trouper” by ABBA is one of them. Suyi Davies (nailed it back in 2013), did a great job adding his own special touch to this cover of “Super Trouper” by ABBA.

No 3. Taking on Michael Jackson song is ambitious. Its Michael Jackson for God sake. And seeing as how Clay covered Asa, and totally nailed it (see 7th cover), a classic cover of “Heal The World” by Michael Jackson seems like a piece of ‘potato’

No 4. This one goes out to that band we discovered after the Metal & Romance: Incursion rock party. They are a young group of guys who have the right ‘rock and growl’ attitude. You have to make sure to check out their songs and you can even read the interview we had with them here. They took one of my favourite Naija pop songs and made it a fun song. Here is 1 Last Autograph cover of “Yes/No” by Banky W.

No 5. Clay loves to cover songs, and we love it when she does. Marvin Record artiste Korede Bello’s single “Godwin” received big knocks when it dropped, but Clay proves that she knows how to take a cover and make a statement with it. Here is her cover of “Godwin” by Korede Bello

No 6. When Clones decided to take this song and ‘Rockify’ it, they were taking a considerable risk…and it paid off. The band gave a new meaning to the song and completely put themselves into the cover of “E Don Do Me” by Six Foot Plus.

No 7. You’d think there wasn’t much you could do to liven up this song. Once again, Clay channels all that plenty talent and manages to spice it up by upping the tempo and putting her own spin to this incredible cover of “Jailer” by Asa

No 8. If this list measures how much better a cover song is than the original, then Footprint 5’s version of this Hillsong hit should be at the top. From an excellent drum work to a fine guitar work and great vocals. George Igado and Co just add so much attitude and energy to this song. Here’s Footprint 5 and their cover of “Mighty To Save” by Hillsong.

No 9. This slowed down version of Wiz kid’s “I Luv My Baby” is a must have. We love the songstress for her killer voice. Clay’s voice does wonders to Wiz kid’s auto – tuned party jam and you can really feel the emotions behind the lyrics of her kickass cover of “I Luv My Baby” by Wiz kid.

While these songs are amazing, there are certain songs we’d all love to see certain Naija rock bands cover.  Go ahead! Tell us your favourite Naija rock cover so far in the comment box below.

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