Zainab Sule, Nath Mac, XTsamurai, Ajay Kafang + More At MIDNIGHT

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Events
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headliner collage

XTsamurai, Ajay Kafang, Nath Mac, Ese Peters and many more will invade Abuja this September

If you’re in Abuja and looking for a Rock music concert to go to then you’d be interested in MIDNIGHT concert.

MIDNIGHT 2015 returns to the Ladikwali Hall, Sheraton, Abuja. The concert is curated by Zainab Sule and this year’s extravaganza will see the likes of XTsamurai, Nath Mac, Ajay Kafang of Threadstone and many more light up the stage. See the poster and line up so far below.The event, which takes place on September 27th is billed to be one of the biggest Rock/Alternative events and in case, you were wondering, MIDNIGHT will also feature performance poetry from the finest acts in the city of Abuja, so there should be plenty to enjoy while you’re there. This is a follow-up of Zainab Sule’s annual rock concert, FIREBALL in 2014.


Zainab Sule remarks, “This is the 5th edition and we’re planning to go all out. Make it more of an experience to remember. But as usual if it’s not rock or alternative, it won’t be on that stage”

XTsamurai says, “I think Zainab Sule’s show is a brilliant initiative, and knowing her, I bet it would be a show that is well put-together. Also, thinking about the pretty interesting performers who will be out there, it will definitely be something to look forward to. I have not done a live gig at Abuja yet, and this time, it will be me without the band. I do like acoustic sets because, In some way, it’s almost like some form of musical nakedness; it’s just you, your guitar, bits of your soul seeping out to the crowd without the sound of other instruments. Love it! I have been at gigs with Ese Peters and Nathmac, and I am excited to perform as I am to listen to them doing their thing again. Zainab is also a great crooner and song writer, who is able to take you to that ‘mellow zone’, so I am absolutely prepped to have a fun time. MIDNIGHT is good for Rock, good for Music, good for positive vibes – and in the end, positive is what XTsamurai is all about. See you…at Midnight!”

Nath Mac says, “I must say that I feel honoured to be a part of this great movement happening in Nigeria + i’m really excited about the “MIDNIGHT” concert ’cause the line up is filled with artistes I’ve always looked up to in the Nigerian rock scene and seeing myself share same stage with Zainab Sule, Ajay Kafang of Threadstone, XTsamurai and Ese Peters is a good thing for me at this early stage of my career. So I’d love my fans to expect the best from me come September 27th, keep believing in me and I wont let y’all down. Love y’all”

Tickets are currently on sale at the price of #3000 at these locations: Silverbird Lifestyle and Salamander…but be quick, they are only limited.

For more about MIDNIGHT, including tickets, and more click here. Also click here to watch the promo video for MIDNIGHT 2015.

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