13 Stories Behind Naija Rock Bands/ Artistes Names You Probably Don’t know

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Countdown
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Ever wonder how some of your favourite Naija rock bands/artistes got their names? Well, we do, and we are here to provide that back story. Oh yas! we have the origin of band names like Threadstone, 1 Last Autograph, Thirdlead and more. So your frequent google searches on Naija rock bands/artistes names can end right here on Naija School Of Rock.

Go ahead , feast your eyes on the meanings of band names like Footprint 5, The RisingRain, Prodigalous and more.








Footprint 5

They were initially called ”Trinity Cross”, but when lead singer, Isaac Creed left they decided to change it because the Keyboardist saw this huge ‘Footprint’ in a dream he had. Yes in a dream. Well, the band is a five – piece, so there’s that.








1 Last Autograph

Hold on – this one isn’t about autograph requests. Here’s Jaywalker talking to NSOR: ”Since so many good moments in life are ephemeral and we can’t seem to get enough of them, we use terms like, One last kiss, One last dance, One last sunrise. 1 Last Autograph is like not forgetting what makes you happy in times of doubt and uncertainties – going back to those inscribed moments that bring out the best in you”. That’s it. That’s all.












The Ibadan rockers took a fairly religious route to their name, taking it from the book of Genesis – from the passage ”Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. It’s obvious if you think about it.

clay new








We thought maybe it had something to do with Geography class…but it’s like this. When singer Bianca was a teenager, she actually fancied having a band called CLAY. It never really took off but the name stuck around.

threadstone new foto







You don’t want to tour and record for years under one band name, only to find out that there’s another band, church or organization somewhere under the same name. They were originally called Scarlet Thread but decided it was time to file the paperwork to register their name when they discovered the name has been taken. To avoid duplicate name, they decided on ‘Threadstone’, which according to the band means ”Pathway to the rock (Christ).







The RisingRain

This Enugu – based rock band The Rising Rain went through a number of alternate band names before deciding on the one they became famous with. During Michael Otuya, JohnMack Ozioma, Miracle and Aloysius Iyke’s first few months together as a band, they made a list of possible band names. They finally settled on The Rising Rain to distinguish themselves with a name that sounded nice and poetic.











The singer found inspiration in one of those funny, charming nicknames that little children throw around with reckless abandon. When Komolafe Tobi was a bairn, his friends called him Komos. And, you know, makes a decent stage name in the end.

rock engrafted









Rock Engrafted

The band’s name is a reference to the book of ROMANS in the bible, where Paul told the Romans that God has power to graft them in if they didn’t persist in their unbelief.








The name gives us flashbacks of popular 90s anime series ‘Samurai X’, but John is so named because he took the word ‘XT’ (an expression for the highest form of virtue) and added the awesome – sounding ‘Samurai’ (one who serves/Japanese warrior) to become, uh, XTsamurai (One who serves the highest form of virtue)








Their name was not derived from the parable of the prodigal son as most people assume. So if you thought you already knew the story behind the band name, you were waaay off. Lead singer Timothy Ononai Awanovwe has offered the explanation that he wanted a name that summarized his childhood, something that represented ‘disobeying for the right reasons’. Already, he had been playing around with the name ‘The Prodigals’, when he randomly googled and found out someone had already taken the band name, he finally decided to go with something catchy and unique. From there, Prodigalous was deemed the one. That’s the story anyway.











You’d never guess this one if you didnt know. DC is an acronym for the rocker’s real name: Donald Chukwuyem. Otherwise you’d think it means ‘Direct Current’









The name was made up by the lead vocalist, Robert Gar, which according to him means, ”Third member of the Trinity leading”

richee rawk









Richee Rawk

Who we know as the alternative rocker Richee Rawk is actually Richard Juwah legally. Doesn’t sound very ‘rocking’, right? He needed to come up with a name to get himself noticed. To come up with his stage name, he simply took his first name and funkified it from Richard to Richee. The extra ‘Rawk’ in front of it was taken from the song ”Rawk fist” by Thousand Foot Krutch.

  1. danny says:

    Cool. Makes sense, actually I wanted to know this stories… especially for FP5 & 1LA.

  2. danny says:

    Cool. Makes sense, actually I wanted to know these stories… especially for FP5 & 1LA.

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