”I feel honoured to be a part of 1 Last Autograph”, says Raymond ”Raystickz” Mba.

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Interviews
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We’ve heard Esekie Samuel, Ndanusa Judah and OluwaChike Jaywalker share their thoughts and experiences. But now, we get to hear from Mario’s replacement, drummer Raymond ”Raystickz” Mba.

So in a short chat with NSOR, Raystickz shared his thought with us on life as a member of the band. ”It’s not been easy so far”, Raystickz said. ”Reason being that, the place for rehearsals are always difficult, and distance has been a great barrier”.

Speaking on the bright side Raystickz continued, ”But whenever we’re together, we burn mountains to the ground” on joining the band he asserted that he had only known the band for 3 months before he got the gig to be part of the band which has been about a month now.

“This is actually my first time of playing with a rock band”, he said. “I feel comfortable playing with 1 Last Autograph and ofcourse i feel honoured to be a part of the band…It’s just fun working with them”, he finally added.

Remember you can also download 1 Last Autograph’s “Yes/No” here

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