Posted: March 27, 2015 in Countdown
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Do you have a band and can’t decide on a name? Well, you’re in luck ’cause we’ve thought up a bunch of GREAT BAND NAMES just for you. If you happen to use any of these names for your band (be it a poster or album cover) we’ll link to your band’s website and facebook page and recommend your songs for all to download and listen.

1. 3 Men None The Wiser

2. 5 Pebbles

3. 7 Minutes Back

4. 12 Rising Cups

5. A Day After

6. A Day To Forget

7. Almost Famous

8. Animated Minds

9. Alone For Days

10. Aquired Taste

11. Behind The Scene

12. Benin Minds

13. Blank 38

14. Bleeding Pockets

15. Blots Of Scarlet

16. Born In Secret

17. Companion Of Fools

18. Death By A Thousand Cuts

19. Disappearing Scars

20.  Fighting For Silence

21. Fools Rush In

22. Forever In Debt

23. Forever In Our Ears

24.  Garage Boys

25.  Hanky Panky

26.  Hello Lagos!

27.  Hilvan and Hilda

28.  I Am You

29. Jane I’m Home

30. Kpomo Men

31. Laughing Doves

32. Mary And The Talking Mouse

33. Nail In Head

34. Of Mosquitoes And Men

35. Pigeon Fighters

36. Pink Suit For Angela

37. Red Bread

38. Rock In 3D

39. Saying Something Else

40. Shapeshifting For Newbies

41.  She Pleads Guilty

42. Still Births

43. Sunday School Kids

44. Summary Of Today

45. Tastes Of Whites

46. Thanks Mary, Thanks

47. The Heck Singers

48. The Take Over Attempt

49. Third Mainland Bridge

50. Truth Be Told

51. Tuesday To Monday

There we go then – 51 band names that are up for grabs. Let us know your thoughts. You could also add more band names, by leaving a comment.


  1. Thirsticide says:

    Third Mainland Bridge \m/

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