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Naija rock band tipped                                        Naija Rock Bands: Tipped for 2015

2014 was an exciting year for rock music in Nigeria (don’t worry we caught the excitement if you missed anything). Now that it’s 2015 it seems appropriate to attempt to look into the Naija School Of Rock crystal ball and identify 12 Naija rock bands/artistes we think and hope will make it in 2015.

Our choices of course range from those who are at the point of success already, to those who only have a handful of great tracks to their name. Almost all of them though released something last year which has really made us take note, and they’re on this list because we reckon they’re capable of giving us more great tunes this year.

So here, read a short piece about each act alongside one of their tracks below

Dc                                                            DC

Donald Chukwuyem aka DC has got himself set for 2015. His debut EP “choices” is almost ready to go. The 4 tracks he shared has been devastatingly sad, brilliant and awesome. He’s currently working with his producer Ex-O in Lagos for the album. It will be released sometime this year and we can’t wait to hear it.

Download DC – Forever

threadstone god heal naija                                                       THREADSTONE

Threadstone dropped one of the most inspiring songs of 2014 with “God heal Nigeria”. An amazing song that seeks to inspire and encourage Nigerians to keep praying and believing in the Nigerian project. Apart from “God heal Nigeria”, if you listen to the band’s previous works, you’ll understand the reason for the anticipation and trust on Threadstone to bring us something good this 2015.

Download Threadstone – God heal Nigeria

1la                                              1 LAST AUTOGRAPH

Loving these guys so much. 1LA first came across our radar when they featured on Clay’s great track “Down” last year. They are one of the notorious rock bands from Lagos and now they are almost ready to drop their first EP. Last year, they blessed us with what could contest strongly for rock song of the year “All or nothing”.  In their wisdom, they quickly backed up that achievement this year with an awesome cover of Banky W’s hit pop number “yes/no”. We hope to see/hear more from 1LA this year 2015.

Download 1 Last Autograph – Yes/No (Bank W cover)

TRR                                        THE RISING RAIN

Ohhh these guys! They will never stop amazing us. We’ve already raved about these guys on NSOR last year and it looks like things will be hotting up in 2015 for them. Having released their first EP “Call me what you like” in 2013, they went ahead and cooked up something even more sumptuous and melodious in 2014, their second EP “The New Beginning” is just awesome with tracks like Redemption and God complex. What’s more is that lead singer Michael Chukwudi Otuya’s vocals are smooth and memorable. Oh, and their Twitter account proclaims “Working on a new album!”, so we’re keeping a close eye on them.

Download The Rising Rain – Redemption

FP5 latest                                               FOOTPRINT 5

We’re looking forward to Footprint 5’s album “Searching for dimming highways” more than any other in 2015. FP5 got us hooked with their tracks “Need”, “Back to you” and “Mighty to save” in 2014. They’ve continued to release great stuff since then too, teaming with Mynor Kord of Mad Fusion Entertainment to produce “Ebube”. Anyone who’s heard this band will be able to tell you that there’s plenty more hits to come.

Download Footprint 5 – Ebube

richee rawk                                                          RICHEE RAWK

It’s about a year now since Richee Rawk’s emergence with his 2014 anthem “Highway girl”. The mass communication graduate in an interview late last year with NSOR, had promised the release of some more songs and an EP in 2015. He’s made true his promise with the release of “Breakup and love again”, the second single from the EP. This year, we look up to Richee for some more songs, and perhaps the dropping of his much anticipated EP “Demigod of rock”.

Download Richee Rawk – Breakup and love again

prodegalous                                               PRODIGALOUS

For an up rising band that came together in October 2014, releasing their first single “Bring back” in December of the same year and releasing the video to the song barely 2 months later, was no small feat. We don’t get to see that kind of thing from new, unsigned bands and that underscores the drive for success that is within the band and that makes them very special. Someone might argue that one single and a video is not enough to rate the band yet, but everyone will agree that the delivery of the songs and video was a sure pointer to the exploits the band is capable of. Bearing in mind that the band is not even signed to any label yet, and they made an impressive start. With these, it is good enough to expect Prodigalous to do exceptionally well in 2015 and even beyond. Watch out for them.

Download Prodigalous – Bring back

zee                                                          ZAINAB SULE

The queen of soft rock as she is fondly called has been leaving her mark on the music scene in Nigeria and beyond. The multi-talented singer-songwriter and guitarist, no doubt, makes good music. With two albums and hit singles to her credit, everyone can agree that she is good at what she does. In 2013 when she released the single “I’ll make you dance”, everyone thought that was the total definition of great soft rock music, and then in 2014, it was like she recreated what soft rock should sound like with “fire down below”. She keeps getting better with everything she does and every record she makes. With these antecedents of hers, one can be certain her next work this year will blow our minds again. Fans should watch out for Zainab Sule this year. She wont disappoint.

Download Zainab Sule – Fire down below

xtsam                                        XTSAMURAI

You won’t know it but you most probably heard XTsamurai’s  beautiful track “Shine in my light” on radio. He’s got a couple of songs to his name and has been called one of the most interesting minds in music right now. We can’t wait to see what he comes out with this year. Download and love.

Download XTsamurai songs here

clay 2                                                      CLAY

Where to start with the beautiful and talented Clay? She’s inspired by the likes of Alanis Morissette and has the show stopping vocals that could be likened to that of Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. Clay released one of 2014’s best singles “Down” with a post-hardcore feel and before that she’s dropped some amazing hits. Clay is looking good for 2015. Her emotive, understated brand of pop rock has already made it’s way on to the playlist of many Naija rock fans – each of her tracks contain relatable, heartfelt lyrics which you instantly feel close to.

Download Clay – Down

thirdlead new                                              THIRDLEAD

Benue’s Thirdlead are headed for big things judging by the raw power of “sweet surrender”. Thirdlead spent 2013 building up a reputation as “ones to watch” so would be unfair not to include them here. They are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Download Thirdlead – Sweet surrender

stage one                                                  STAGE ONE

One thing this Jos based band does very well is delivering good music like veterans. And as it is with veterans, we can trust them to deliver again. With songs like “Cry”, “The rising” “Rise again” and “Bigger” rock music lovers can put their money on them again and again to deliver this year.

Download Stage One – Bigger

Naija rock band tipped So there we go then – 12 Naija rock bands/artistes that we think are set for big things in 2015. If you think there’s a band/artiste that has escaped our radar let us know in the comments below.

  1. Timmy says:

    Nice one. Nigerian Rock has taken a dangerous turn. Run! We are coming!!!

  2. jason says:

    I see clay doing things .beautifully talented

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