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If you are a fan of rock music in Nigeria and at this time you still do not know Clay, then, it’s time to format your media card. Bianca Adanna Okorocha (Clay), fondly called the queen of Naija rock, has made couple of hit songs that have remained fixed on the playlist of Naija rock fans and good music lovers in general. In this interview with Charles Kaka of NSOR, Clay spoke on her music, the Naija rock scene, and other issues. 


NSOR: Can we meet you?

Clay: No you can’t!   *general laughter*

NSOR: Okay, let’s have a little background of Clay

Clay: My name is Clay. I am the first of three kids. I am from IMO state, Nigeria

NSOR: How did music start for you?

Clay: I have been singing since i was 8 years old in the choir with no intent of singing professionally.
After high school, a good friend of mine asked me to come to the studio to do some recording. I did a hook for a hardcore rapper and everyone was like “wow, you have a great voice, you should do your own songs……”. And i had always loved rock music. So, i was introduced to Coldflames my producer and i can say the rest is history.

NSOR: So, when was the first time you had a song out professionally?

Clay: I had my first single out in 2011.

NSOR: You’ve had many hit songs since then, from  “Heal the world” cover, to “Love my baby” cover, to “Jailer/save tonight” cover, to “Impress you”  with M.I and Coldflames, “Down” with 1LA, Lemanya, and so many great songs.. How will you describe your journey so far?

Clay: Hits?  *general laughter*  Well, yeah, the journey so far….It’s been God. Without his grace i wouldn’t even have the voice in the first place. It’s been a bit tough though, some good but it can better, i am getting there.


clay NSOR: So, which will you describe as your breakout single, the one that brought you in the limelight?

Clay:  “Ogadisinma” most definitely!

NSOR: In terms of production, you’ve worked with Coldflames on almost all of your songs.. There seems to be a lot of “chemistry” hovering over you two..

Clay: Is that a question?  *general laughter*

NSOR: Yeah, apparently…*Laughs* Okay, Let me rephrase.. What is it like working with Coldflames?

Clay: Arrgh! A lot of trouble. *laughs*. A lot times we don’t see eye to eye on certain issues in a song. But in the end they come out fine.

NSOR: Let me go a little private, many people will stone me if I don’t ask this.  Is Clay in a relationship?

Clay:  Well, let’s put it this way: I am single and ready to mingle *winks* *General laughter*

NSOR: Which Arts/bands do you consider as your greatest influences?

Clay:  *Stutters* Maybe Alanis Morissette, Dido, The Cranberries and Avril Lavigne. Or maybe they didn’t influence me per se, but i listened to them a lot as a child.

NSOR: So far, what’s your assessment of the Naija rock movement?

Clay: Awesome! Great great bands and artistes everywhere. In a few years time, if you are not doing  pop/alternative rock you wont be cool. *General laughter*
NSOR: What more do you think can be done, for the further growth of the industry?

Clay: First, it would help a lot if most of the true rock fans in Nigeria weren’t so ‘blue-blooded’. If Radio and TV stations won’t play our stuff, then we gotta make a statement. It’s not enough for us artists to go to the studio and do tight stuff and release it, yet “rock fans” won’t help push or ‘support’. But they would shout about foreign rock bands/artistes unending. To be honest, some rock songs from Nigeria are waaaay better. Secondly, we alternative artistes/bands needs to stop being all high and mighty, if we support each other, it would better the Naija Alternative/Rock scene. Like i keep saying, being a rock head/star doesnt make you better than the next person. Different? yes! But then aren’t we all?

NSOR: Richee Rawk sometime back, suggested organization of rock awards as one of the ways to promote the genre in Naija. Do you think the Naija rock industry is ripe enough for awards?

Clay: Yes, we are overripe sef for awards oo.  *general laughter*


clay 2
NSOR: You’ve played in some editions of Metal & Romance, and some other shows across Nigeria.  Which is your most memorable live performance?

Clay:  XTsamurai’s show and second edition of MnR because  of the true rock ambiance.  And also an all acoustic event i hosted last year in Lagos, i remember it ’cause it was a warm ambiance and  i could really hear myself sing, no distortion guitars.  *general laughter*


NSOR: If you were not in music what will you have been doing?

Clay: I would have been an artist. No, i mean, like visual artist. I used to paint still life, draw characters, make fancy art  stuff.  Or maybe a professional dancer, i used to dance too.  Dunno, can’t decide right now.
NSOR: The year is still fresh, What are your plans for 2015?

Clay:  Drop a single, album, throw a big concert and more. God willing.

NSOR:  Any title for the album yet?

Clay:  Haven’t decided yet

NSOR: One of our Naija rock art Etcetera made an article some weeks back that later turned controversial, receiving  mixed reviews, and a heavy backlash from rapper M.I. What’s your take on the article, the responses and the  issue of artists using their star influence to campaign for politicians?

Clay:  I think everyone has a right to his/her opinion. And if that opinion supports one candidate or the other, Fine. Non superstars campaign for their preferred candidates in their own little way on social media and the likes. I don’t see anyone bashing them.

NSOR: What’s your advice to up and coming rock stars?

Clay:  Be thoroughly honest with yourself. Be your biggest critic. That music has to be good if it’s  not, drop it. And of course keep believing, have undying faith. Ogadisinma! *kisses*

NSOR:  What’s your message to the ever growing Clay community out there?

Clay:  I try to give my best and always will. I am still in fact just human. I appreciate your honour and love. I couldn’t  love you more. God bless you every time!

NSOR: Thank you so much Clay for your time!

Clay:  Nah, thank you!

  1. David Godwin says:

    I love alternative/contemporary Nigerian music, and I am proud of this Nigerian, CLAy. Permit me to say, she has much more ‘ballz than most men in the music industry. Also, Bianca is a beautiful vocalist. Her first song I ever listened to is her cover of Godwin by Mavin’s Korede. Her voice gripped my heart and I fell in love with her Music, I haven’t gotten enough of her yet. Nigeria’s #1 rockstar? Yes!

  2. David Godwin says:

    Reblogged this on The Shift and commented:
    Meet CLAy, Nigeria’s #1 Rockstar.

  3. Ijeoma says:

    am glad we have a Nigerian female rockstar in Nigeria. am a rock and alternative music fan and I am also a music artist that does soul ballads. in my search for Nigerian rock star I came across the name clay thru a blogger. ive not heard her works from beginning to end but the intro of ogadinma she sang melted my heart. am inspired

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