Lyrics Lounge: The Rising Rain – Redemption

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Lyrics Lounge
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All I’ve done It’s all for you

A price I had to pay

You came across and left a spark

And now I am not the same

Crossing all the lines,

 I knew I drew for me

Leave it all behind for my new destiny 

With one chance all I expect is rejection

With one wish all I want is redemption

With one thought on my mind it’s a question

And those four words on my lips they are what is your name

You touched my heart and changed my soul

Then stood for what’s my goal

With those few words and these short acts you changed what was my word

Things you’ve done for me, and all I put you through

You looked right through all this, to me you always knew


I wanna go with you so please don’t leave me

I wanna be with you so please don’t go

 I wanna live with you So please don’t leave me Lonely

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