Posted: February 12, 2015 in Naija Rock bands/artistes
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clayThe Queen of Naija rock, Clay has announced that she will be re-droping the links to her old songs. 

She revealed the news with the following words on her Facebook page: ” Happy new year everyone. How was the festivities? Mine was on point. Well, over the next couple of weeks, i plan on Re-Dropping links to my old singles. This is sort Of like a ‘prepare the way’ for my next major Single. So for y’all who haven’t heard a particular song of mine,or any of my songs at all. Here’s your chance .yaaaay! And if you know these songs,oh well……just keep enjoying them and of course help share the Clay gospel. hehe. mwah. #Clayrocksu”

That’s right! You heard her. Help share the Clay gospel. To keep up with the progress on the ‘re-drop’ be sure to follow her on twitter (@Clayrocksu). You can also follow us: @9jaSchoolOfRock.

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