ROCK ONLY WITH XTsamurai – The Interview

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Interviews
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xtsam”ROCK ONLY with XTSamurai” is just a few weeks away and will feature Richee Rawk, 1 Last Autograph, Clay, Living For Life, Viva, Nathmac and Uchman sharing the stage only at JAZZVILLE/PRAISEVILLE in Lagos.

In the run up to ROCK ONLY we briefly spoke with John Igbinovia better known by his stage name XTsamurai, about the upcoming event, and the things to expect.
NSOR: Is this your first time playing on the same stage with the other bands (Clay, 1 Last Autograph et al)?

John: This is the first time I will be performing at an event with these guys. I’ve done gigs with Threadstone, Ese Peters and some other non-rock artistes, but this is a first with these group of guys. So I look forward to seeing their performance on that day.

NSOR: What do you expect from the ”Rock Only” event?

John: Limited seats cos we want people to scream on their feet, have drinks, meet other people, grab a bite and just have a good time. This is one of many Rock Only events and the support has been amazing – hence, we want to ensure those who have decided to be a part of this have a blast.

NSOR: What should fans prepare themselves for?

John: What should fans prepare for? A rock explosion. Rock artistes are coming together to try to make REAL Rock main stream, and by Rock music, I’m not referring to music done with a guitar or one riff in a song that has a distortion effect. There’ll be loud crashing music, growling and screaming. There’ll also be very chilled out rock songs from talented crooners, as well as quite a lot of fusions, so there will be something for everyone – even if you’re a reggae-rocker *evil smile* Lyrics will be available so people can sing along, so it promises to be a good show that is engaging for everyone who’s going to be at the gig

NSOR: Lastly, what do we expect from XTSamurai at the Rock Only event?

John: Positive Rock Music, thought-provoking lyrics and A LOT of energy

rox only

* Tickets for ”Rock Only with XTSamurai” are available online and range from #1,200 to #1,500 at the gate. Stay tuned to Naija School Of Rock for more info on ROCK ONLY. In the mean time, download songs from XTsamurai here:





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