Posted: February 9, 2015 in Naija Rock bands/artistes
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TRRFew weeks after premiering ”Redemption”, the debut single from their upcoming EP ”The New Beginning”. TRR have unveiled the artwork for their next single, ”God Complex” ([which can be seen above]). 

The image is SIMPLE yet effective one. It shows 2 empty chairs (One bigger than the other) placed several feet apart ~ each facing the other. The artwork is supposed to represent someone, perhaps a friend, who acts critically of you and your opinions, and points fingers at you for it. Then does the same thing and considers it alright. Sort of like a “Holier than thou” complex. The image is open to several other interpretations.

The official release of ‘God Complex” is set for October 30th. The band have also revealed that the track is a fusion of Rock, pop and trance, something ”out of the box”

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