Lyrics Lounge: Prodegalous – Bring back

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Lyrics Lounge
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Verse 1:
She woke up that morning
Terrified by the sound
Of the gun shots
No where to run to
She was made a captive By the mask Men
Now she’s wondering
And missing her loved ones
And then she’s thinking
Will she ever be rescued… 

Bring back our girls
We all love them we all need them
Bring back our girls
She’s my sister someone’s daughter
Bring back our girls
She’s the future for the nation
Bring back our girls
So help us God…

Verse 2:
Now mother are crying
Meanwhile in the streets
Women revolting
Sambisa forest
Is like a lions den
Nigerian soildiers foreign soldiers
Joining forces
Against insurgencies
We are still saying…


I don’t know, how it feels
To lose someone you love X2
If I were, a mother
May be I’ll get the feeling X2

Guitar Solo Till fade.

If you’re yet to download this amazing song, grab the link just here:

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