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richeeRichee Rawk is gradually making a mark in the Nigerian
rock music scene. Having released a hit single early this
year, the Caleb university undergraduate is setting the
pace and caving a niche for himself. In this interview with Charles Kaka of NSOR, Richee talks about his career, dreams, the Nigeria rock scene, and so much more. 

NSOR: Can we meet you?

Richee: My name is Rchard Juwah A.K.A Richee Rawk, the demigod of rock. Delta born and final year student of Caleb university.

NSOR: Rock and Journalism, how do you fix that?

Richee: Well, both seem pretty much like art to me, so its easier to go with it. Unlike if it was rock and biology (laughs). And i write novels, songs, poems in my free time. So its pretty much compatible. Both are distractions at times but like i said, i consider them both as art.

NSOR: How long have you been into music?

Richee: Music in total, since Jss1 back when i sang in the choir at St. Gregs, Ikoyi. But rock music in particular, it’s been since SS1 till date.

NSOR: What genre of rock do you do?

Richee: People and fans say i do alternative rock. But i’m really a person that likes to be everywhere at the same time, i don’t know if it’s right to call it “experimental rock” because i love to just mix it up; reggae rock, rap rock, afro rock, slow rock, hard rock… name it.! An example of this is the songs i have lined up for my debut EP, ‘demigod of rock’. it’s five songs go basically as alternative rock, acoustic rock, pop rock, rap rock and maybe hard rock. The word “demigod” is as in; i have total control or knowledge about everything rock music, so i show that by just mixing it up.

NSOR: Which band or artist will you say inspired this your style?

Richee: Linkin park. I hear them vary from Nu metal, to rap rock, to just plain rap, to alternative rock, to soft rock to hard rock. It’s just wonderful! I think it shows their potentials, their capability.

NSOR: Talking of your up coming EP, any date yet?

Richee: Songs are still being recorded, and this year is almost over, so all i can say is next year most definitely.

NSOR: What should we expect from the EP?

Richee: Well, people should just expect good songs and deeper lyrics. It only gets better!

NSOR: Your first single ‘Highway girl’ was was released months back.. Were you expecting the massive success that came with it?

Richee: No. When people commend me for it i greatly wonder. Its the only song in the EP that i didn’t actually take much time rewriting lyrics to. I was to go for a singing contest where we were supposed to use our own songs so i pretty much rushed the lyrics and preparation for the whole song.

NSOR: What do you think of the Nigerian rock scene?

Richee: Hmmmm! ‘Competition dey gan. I no go lie.’ There are many talented rock stars popping up now and then and its all quality. I believe the Nigerian rock scene will attain the attention and patronage it deserves in the nearest future because in the end, it’s quality over non quality. Nigerians in general are a bit ‘dead’ to good music like rock because they didn’t grow up with it like Rap, R ‘n’ B etc. Time will inoculate a significant percentage in the nearest future.

NSOR: You recently featured in Rock Only with XTsamurai in Lagos.. How was it?

Richee: Best experience as far as music in my life is concerned. Listening to rock music live was breath taking! The ‘solos’ and the ‘growling’ and the stem… It was just awesome. I wish the entire Lagos had been there. It wasn’t something to be told, you HAD to have been there to feel it.

NSOR: It’s obvious such shows don’t get the desired attention..What can we do to make our rock scene bigger and more acceptable?

Richee: Well, we need to work together to promote ourselves. Do shows more often. I one day thought of suggesting a ‘world cover day’ where we can all come together maybe at the National Theatre and play just live covers of our favourite bands, and maybe even have a rock music awards.

NSOR: Many will argue that the scene is still too young for awards..

Richee: It is, but when exactly could be a right time? When we can safely say rock has taken roots in Nigeria? it’s probably as good as not singing rock till that day comes.

NSOR: How do you cope doing school and rock?

Richee: It gets difficult at times. I’ve missed shows because of the system in my school, making rock music comes in between studies at times. I guess because I’m in my final year i don’t have much to worry about because it’ll soon be out of the way.

NSOR: Will you practice journalism? Or you’ll be giving it up for music..?

Richee: Immediately i finish, yes, but that’s just to make ends meet right after school. I have alot of entrepreneurial aspirations and music too, so i really don’t plan to practice.

NSOR: What do you think of NSOR?

Richee: NSOR is like a regulatory body for rock music in Naija. I believe in the nearest future, it could come to stand as a legal and renowned institution of rock music affairs, something more than just over the net.

NSOR: Any message for up and coming rock stars out there?

Richee: It’s hard doing something many people are not used to. Just forget what the fame and fortune could be like for now, and just do what you love as i do. with God by us, we will reach the top.

NSOR: Thanks so much for your time..

Richee: Thanks man.. I appreciate!

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