Posted: February 7, 2015 in News
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iykeThe Rising Rain bass guitarist, Aloysius Iyke was in a serious car crash yesterday but luckily he pretty much walked away unscathed and managed to post on facebook in real time.

The crash was said to have occured when the bass guitarist was on his way back from a radio interview. It is understoood that some persons were badly injured.

He later made another facebook post: ”I have been staring at this phone for the past 25mins, searching my little vocabulary upstairs, for the right words to type on here as the ‘Songs of Innocence’ album by U2 plays out beautiful songs from my laptop. You may never know how relevant your little boring life is, to both you and the world around you, not until something crazy happens. Everyone that called, sent a message and checked up on me in one way or the other literally tied me into a big sack of embarrassment which I am most grateful for. Am practically humbled by your cares and in the sharing of my testimony. We’ll share more in this 2015. Thanks guys and rock on!!!!! \m/”

I can’t even tell you how glad everyone here at NSOR is that things turned allright!

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