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2014 has been a busy year for everyone in the Nigerian music industry, from Afro hip-hop getting a new level of popularity to Afro-beat making a comeback; it was a great year for Naija music in 2014. And one genre has always been constant: ROCK MUSIC. 

So, with 2014 coming to a close, once again the NSOR team have put their heads together, gazed into their crystal ball and put together 10 Naija rock songs you need to hear before 2014 ends. We’ve put together our list of ”10 Naija rock songs you need to hear before 2014 ends” except they aren’t all 2014 songs. But i tell you these songs will steal your heart.

Here they are in no particular order.

1 LAST AUTOGRAPH – ”All or nothing”
First of all, this song has such a unique style to it….almost a punk feel at times but also a little grunge-y and slightly metal. When I recommended the band to a friend, i told him that they reminded me of A Day To Remember. This song kills me though. When I’m in a bad mood, i plug in my ear phone, turn on this song and blast it. Who can’t feel empowered by the lyrics ”Wont be sorry for, for who i am. And i don’t care if you don’t understand” ’cause i certainly feel ready to take on the world after listening to this song — Sphynx

THE RISING RAIN – “Redemption”
This is one of those songs i can’t really explain why you should listen to it or, quite frankly, why i even like it. Maybe it’s the lyrics or something. This is the song that i play when i want to forget all the trouble that i encountered in the day…and ‘Redemption’ has never failed to take me to a faraway place where i can forget all my worries — Chloe

GRAY ZONE – ”Hollow” 
I’m not quite sure when this song was released but the first time i heard it, the first thing that came to my mind was, ”where in God’s name have you been?”..the song is totally amazing…and i’ve been hooked ever since. Gray Zone we believe is the first ever female fronted rock band in Nigeria. They are currently on a hiatus — Kaka

CLAY – ”Down”
The buzz that saw the release of this song was justified with it’s eventual release. It climbed straight up to #1 on NSOR Naija Top 10 and it never came ‘down’! The song tells you something; there’s unquestionable hope for Naija rock! — Kaka

XTSAMURAI – ”Closed Doors’
I’ve adored XTsamurai for some months now. He’s an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, he’s kind of cute too. I discovered him on Naija School Of Rock last year and since then he’s become the guy who i want to write songs for me (unfortunately for me though, he’s happily married). This song though, i heard about some months ago and i actually think the first time that i heard this song, i cried (yeah, laugh at me if you want). It’s beautiful. It has maybe the most heartfelt, genuine, inspirational lyrics of any song I have heard — Chloe

RICHEE RAWK – ”Highway girl’
Your 2014 can never, in fact will never be complete without listening to this song. He calls himself the Demi-god, self acclaimed maybe, but definitely worth the name hype. I cannot begin to talk about this song, all I’m going to say is you should pretty please give it a listen. The Acoustic guitar at the beginning, the Tempo, the lyrics, the vocals and rendition, all these combined made the song “Awesome” and worth putting on repeat. A true rock progeny, Richee Rawk poured out his heart and soul to this song. I tell you my 2014 really would not have been memorable without this song on my archive of Naija rock song — Rockaholic

DC – “Forever”
Let me start by saying this, DC might be the best singer-songwriter you’ve never heard of before. This song is without doubt one of the best rock to ever come out of Nigeria. I’m no music expert, so i couldn’t give you any technical mumbo-jumbo about why i like the music and this guitar riff or this effect but i can tell you that this is a song you can listen to hours without getting tired of it. — Sphynx

STAGE ONE – “Rise again”
Amazing song. Just amazing. Since the first time i heard it i completely fell in love and it completely changed my mind on Stage One. This is one of those songs that makes you feel secure and hopeful — Chloe

FOOTPRINT 5 – ”Mighty to save (Hillsong cover)”
The fun thing about ”Mighty to save” and any other Footprint 5 song, really is that you could play it for one person who wouldnt even know its from a Naija rock band. This song is for sure the best cover song ever. If you haven’t heard it, go now! Download it! — Nedu

This is a song that desperately want to make you dance, nod your heard, pump your fist. Superb combination with ultimate lyrics. I think people should listen to this song — Chloe

* ZAINAB SULE – ”Fire down below”
* ROOFTOP MCs – ”Back at one”
* SUYI DAVIES – ”The sky is falling”
* THREADSTONE – ”God heal Nigeria”
* PHRANCE – ”Ocho”
* UCHMAN – ”The original”
* PRODEGALOUS – ”Bring back”



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