FanDom: What does rock music mean to you?

Posted: January 7, 2014 in FanDom
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So i was chatting with a friend on Whatsapp, and he suddenly asked, “What does rock music mean to you?” . So it got me thinking….then i started wondering…what does ROCK MUSIC mean? So i asked the fans at Naija School Of Rock the question, “What does rock music mean to you?”….the responses to me were very interesting. And i think music in general can be so hard to describe and define, but it’s easy to describe how it really affects us. Here’s a list of their responses: 


“Rock music helps me to bring out my in-dept emotions and also helps me climb to the height of emotions, even when I am scared. most of all, knowing that some else feels the way I feel and tell my story without even knowing me, that’s divine”- Sunday Ikhidero

ommyl ibukun 2

“Well to me rock music means relating myself to the world… It is a way to express myself….When i’m sad, angry or happy! Rock music is a definition of fun…… It wakes me up and gets me going! That’s my own definition………….”- Ommyl Ibukun


“Rock music makes me feel whole. It gives me a reason to stay happy, to keep living and dreaming, to love. What more could i ask for! It simply inspires me”- Nneka Akanegbu


” Rock music is something when hit by it you are not hurt but inspired. You want to cry, laugh, party and overall become a better person. Everything about rock music is extraordinary”- Nedu Lycan AlterEgo-Quintilis


                                                            “Life, essentially”- Anebi ‘Svoboda’ Onoja


 “Personally the question wouldn’t be what rock means to me, it is rather what music means….it’s life, music is me and I am music whatever the sound. Viva la music”- Adewusi Adebisi

spirit 3 6

                                                    “Well, I totally agree with sunday”- Spirit Three-six


“WOW! 95% of my song list consist of gospel rock collections. Am more particular about gospel rock…it’s so heart-warming to know that we ain’t the only ones passing through several life challenges…gospel rock songs leaves u wit no choice than to be hopeful, inspired and blessed. Much love to the various gospel rock artiste/band”- Julius Doma II


                                              “Simply said, to me its a way of life”- Aloysius Iyke


“Hmmm! I will say rock music is everything for me, whatever genre being punk, metal, heavy, screamo, pop, grunge, Indie etc. They always hit a spot in my heart, I know it might not be healthy but hell I’m addicted to rock I dont care the type as long it is rock and I can see a message being passed I will definitely rock it because rock is my morning, afternoon, and evening lubricant she keeps me going…so I leave you with this question: Imagine a world without rock? a world without Nate Ruess, Adam young, Chad Kroger, Danny O’ Donnoghue, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, Adam Levine, Avril Lavigne, Christina Perri, Ellie Goulding, Amy lee, Barlow girl, Brad Arnold etc I just can’t imagine. So to me rock music is the core existence of music. I will always live rocking!!!”- Hilvan Osahon Ekhaguosa


                                         “When listening to it……nothing else matters”- Cynthia Ozigbo

agwu magaret ada

“Rock music is expression. It effectively expresses my emotions at any given time. I can scream to 30STM when I feel neglected, or be quiet and just listen to the haunting lyrics of Taylor Swift, or be carried away in praise by Jars of Clay. I am transported out of the ordinary by rock music. It is expression”- Agwu Margaret Ada


“On the whole…music is life. The kinda music you listen to in a way defines who you are and this is why i’m particularly careful in my choice of song. Really, rock music is aaaahh…how can i qualify it?”- Oyebanjo Ololade Tabitha

rock fans

Again these responses are very insightful to me. It really shows the importance rock music plays in their life. For some people music is the most important thing in their life. For others it’s one of the ways they express their emotions. While looking at this list I thought it would be interesting to simplify this list as to what I infer the fans were trying to say in its simplest form. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Rock music is my identity

2. Rock music is life

3. Rock music is my world

4. Rock music is my drug

5. Rock music is a therapist

6. Rock music is how i show the world how I’m feeling

7. Rock music is inspirational

8. Rock music is entertainment

9. Rock music is my friend

What does Rock music mean to you? Respond back with your answers.

  1. Mega Bright Aigbetu says:

    the lyrics are are so inspiring…the guiters sounds,drum beats and vocals are awesome.u never go wrong wuth Rock Music…they are always evergreen and you never get bored or tired listening to Rock songs….from bands like Jon Bon Jovi,Aerosmith,Metallica,3Doors Down,U2,Bryan Adams,Nickleback,cold play,Guns and Roses,Green Day,Evanescence,Deff Leppard,Limp Bizkit,etc ,etc……Rock music is that genre of music i call the real perfomers. love it with passion.

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